Exploring  visual  form  & functional opportunities

” For an Industrial Designer, the magic is in the conceptualizing “


Siero Design has worked with clients both large and small since being founded over 25 years ago. As the lead Industrial Designer and company owner, I  help define  our client’s product launches within a wide variety of industries. Our development expertise spans from concept design through to manufacturing specifications and our services can be engaged at various stages of your product development cycle to best match with your unique needs. 

I have designed, invented and licensed dozens of new products for a diverse set of industries, some of which have included the Housewares, Consumer Product, Toy, Tabletop, and the Pet Product industries. Once retained, our firm helps clients expand their Utility and Design Patent portfolios, allowing them to protect their new product development investment and mitigate risks.

Our firm focuses on providing clients with unique and proprietary design solutions that successfully address the unanswered needs of their consumer.  Whenever  possible, we build a strong Intellectual Property and Branding platforms into our client’s products. 

Client loyalty is the holy grail of our service industry, and we work hard to earn your trust. We are passionate about delivering world class design solutions and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and your team.


Software I utilize includes:

Colbalt, Rhino,Fusion 360, & Solid Works 3-D software along w/ Adobe Creative Suite, Sketchbook Pro.

Paul Santarsiero / co-owner / industrial design lead

Graduate of Rhode Island School of Design,   BFA / BID



Bonnie  Santarsiero / co-owner / graphic  design lead

Graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, BFA / GD

Exploring  visual branding languages  for  my  clients

” For an Graphic Designer, the magic is in color and composition “


As the lead Graphic Designer and co-founder of Siero Design, I have worked for 25+ years developing successful visual communication solutions for my clients. Our design solutions are achieved through collaborative efforts and good information shared between the client and designer. Typically, as an initial phase, I propose to clients 4-6 preliminary design solutions for any given assignment. The variety of visual options results in a greater integrity to the final design program.

I have experience offering clients a cohesive visual communication program for their product(s) which can include; Product naming, Logo design, Copywriting, Branding, Packaging, Web identity, and POP Merchandising design and direction.

Some of my past work includes corporate collateral, logo and branding development for companies ranging in size from small start-ups to fortune 100 companies. 

I look forward to discussing any design needs you are considering for outside talent.


Software I utilize includes:

Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, also WordPress, BoldGrid, MS Office and 3-D software.