bonnie santarsiero / graphic designer


Our firm is a hybrid of Graphic and Industrial Design disciplines and through this duplicity of skill sets, I offer my clients insightful, visually  unique design solutions in areas of Graphic Design, Branding, Corporate Identity, and Logo development, all with a keen understanding of the complete Product Development process. Please browse the above interactive gallery to view examples of my work.


How I Create

Finding the essence of a visual expression


For all my design assignments, I focus on creating eye-appealing communication that is enhanced by thoughtful decisions regarding their meaning and purpose. Before starting a particular assignment, I do a retail audit of the specific product category I have been asked to work in. Then, I set out to create unique designs that separate themselves from the competition and are visually exciting and informative to the consumer.

A Case Study

Housewares Logo and Sub-brand graphic identity for Black & Decker


As a Graphic Design Consultant for Black & Decker Housewares, I have learned to push the limits of what is expected and customary for any given assignment.

The introduction of the COFFEE BREWING and ERGO Product lines offered a great opportunity for Black & Decker Housewares to differentiate their products in an increasingly commoditized marketplace.  When asked to design logos for their ERGO product line, COFFEE BREWING product line, along with the sub-brand variation logos for their Slow Cooker product, I was up for the challenge.  My final design proposals as seen above, utilize pictograph icons along with consistent font choices to bolster the family-look across all of the lines. These designs pushed the boundaries of what internal Brand Managers expected, and allowed me to offer them a truly objective, universally consumer-friendly, branding solution.