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Formed more than twenty five years ago as a husband and wife design team, Siero Design focuses on putting you first. We enjoy a close working relationship with our clients  and we consistently deliver unique, creative, and cost effective design solutions that capture the essence of your needs.

The owners of Siero Design have a unique combination of artistic ability and technological acumen, allowing them to create product and graphic media solutions that are both technically accurate and aesthetically pleasing. We utilize the latest  Graphic Design Software, Imaging Software, and 3D CAD software and technology to save you time and money.

We combine Graphic and Industrial Design disciplines with a passion and commitment to your ongoing success. Our areas of expertise are in Product Development, Industrial Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Factory Liaison and Sourcing, Corporate Identity, Product Branding, Logo Development, Packaging, Copy writing, and  Point-of-Purchase Merchandising.

If an efficient and collaborative design process is something you have been looking for, let our team of award winning owner/designers create new opportunities for you. 

Put us to the test…but fist, please take a moment and browse our online gallery to familiarize yourself our past projects.

Thank you for interest,

Paul and Bonnie Santarsiero

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Rob j. Day Fulham Group

 “I’ve worked with Paul on a contract basis for about 5 years now. He consistently delivers an interesting perspective and reliable, cutting edge design on our projects. We’ve worked on a wide array of items and Paul has the mind to master them all. He’s creative, ambitious, and genuinely a good person to work with. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul and will continue to do so. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone seeking Industrial Design work.”

James Buchannan

“I worked with Paul and his company while I was Board Member and division President at Saucony Shoe//Hyde Athletic. He has a keen sense of design all underscored with practical commercialization vision. On time and on budget. Great to work with!”


Laura Harwood

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bonnie over the past several years as an outside vendor, and most recently, internally at Hasbro. Bonnie helped execute a movie driven product line that had incredibly tight deadlines. Bonnie adapted to our fast paced, ever changing environment with ease. She was able to build relationships with important team members, communicate efficiently and work independently to develop great packaging and content. In addition to executing this product line she simultaneously created a Merchandising Guide for our global markets. Bonnie’s superior design skills, easy going personality and attention to detail make her a valuable resource for our company.”


douglas r.wolf

  “Paul has been my primary “go to” resource for clients looking for quality product design support.  He immediately establishes rapport with clients.  Their confidence in him along with his terrific range of knowledge and cleverness creates wonderful end products.”

Michael Laude

“I have known Paul for more than thirty years, and a consistent thread that runs through his work is his inventiveness, his diligence, and his commitment to completing programs on time and to a very high degree of thoroughness and quality. When I was the Director of Design at Black & Decker, he made significant contributions to the SnakeLight™ family of lighting products. He also developed several innovative products and features to our cordless cleaning products business. Whenever I engage Paul on projects, I know I can count on him to deliver not just exactly what I asked for, but also additional features and variations that make the result even better. I have complete confidence in his skills and capabilities, and highly recommend him as a design and development resource.”